Kale with White Beans


Beans and greens go together in cuisines around the world. Combine these two ordinary foods for a winning combination of flavor, color, and nutrition. Serve with pasta or a whole grain for a more substantial dish, or over toast for breakfast.

  • raspberry chia jam

Chia Jam


This easy no-cook jam is made with just three ingredients: frozen raspberries, chia seeds, and a touch of sugar. It’s good on toast, waffles, granola, or oatmeal. Stir it into non-dairy yogurt. Or layer it with granola and non-dairy yogurt for a parfait.

  • vegan yogurt

Vegan Yogurt


Homemade vegan yogurt is easy to make. It's especially easy if you have an electric pressure cooker with a yogurt setting. The Instant Pot is the perfect climate-controlled culturing chamber for yogurt. No worries if [...]

  • almond milk

Almond Milk


The superior taste of homemade almond milk will amaze you. Use this master recipe to make a variety of versatile plant-based milk and cream substitutes.

  • mini crustless vegan quiche

Vegan Quiche


These mini crustless vegan quiches, studded with broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes, make a delicious main dish for brunch. Or any meal.  Think of them as egg-free frittatas or vegan egg bites. Change them up with in-season vegetables or what you have on hand. Or make one large quiche.

I knew I had corn in the upright freezer in the utility room, but could I find it? No!

Jack Frost had invaded my freezer and filled the shelves with frost. Not only that, but he messed up my neatly organized shelves.

Well, they were organized last time I defrosted the freezer–about 9 months ago. So I tackled the freezer last week. I defrosted it, reorganized it, and finally found the corn I was looking for.

In the process, I found UFOs–Unidentified Frozen Objects! Somehow, when food gets frozen, a lot of it starts to look the same.

That’s why freezer tape has become one of my best friends. It makes labeling food easy. And it sticks to the containers in the frigid temperatures, which means I can identify the contents. Otherwise, I have to thaw the food to figure out what it is