Pressure Cooking with Confidence: Pinto Beans

Learn How to Cook Pinto Beans While Mastering Pressure Cooker Basics

Wednesday, June 24

2:00-4:00 p.m. PDT | 5:00-7:00 p.m. EDT

Register by June 22

Registration: $20

  • Is your Instant Pot still in the box?
  • Are you overwhelmed with all the Instant Pot buttons?
  • Wondering if pressure cookers are safe?
  • Want to learn how to pressure cook beans?
  • Ready to master your Instant Pot?
  • Do you want to learn to quick-soak beans in the pressure cooker?
  • Want to save money by cooking dry beans?

Take a Plant-Based Cooking Class From the Comfort of Your Home

Join me virtually in my kitchen as I walk you through the basics of using a pressure cooker. You can cook along with me from your kitchen or just observe.

I will show you how to make two different recipes using pinto beans.

  • Easy Vegan Chili with  Homemade Chili Seasoning Mix
  • Simple Refried Beans

You can choose which one to cook. I will send you the ingredient list ahead of time.

In This Livestream Cooking Class You Will Learn:

  • Confidence in using your Instant Pot
  • The 3 essential Instant Pot buttons (you can ignore the rest)
  • Why you don’t need to worry about your Instant Pot exploding
  •  Menu ideas for chili and refried beans
  • How to speed soak beans in the pressure cooker
  • How to cook beans without soaking
  • Tips for reducing the emissions from beans
  • Plus, you’ll be able to ask all your questions

You’ll gain confidence as you practice and have a chance to ask questions.  You’ll let go of any fears you may have as you learn about the safety features. Hint: modern pressure cookers are impossible to blow up.

Plus, you’ll overcome the overwhelming technology of electric pressure cookers as you learn the 3 essential buttons. (You can ignore the rest!)

You can choose which of the two recipes to cook during the class. Or you can just watch.

I will send you the ingredient list ahead of time. Plus, you’ll get the recipes and a recording of the class.

Learn How to Cook Pinto Beans While Mastering Pressure Cooker Basics

This Livestream Cooking Class Includes:

  • Ingredient and equipment list before the class
  • Ideas for substitutions
  • 3 recipes: Easy Vegan Chili, Chili Seasoning Mix, and Simple Refried Beans
  •  Menu ideas for chili and refried beans
  • Written guidelines for pressure cooking beans
  • Tips for reducing the emissions from beans
  • Opportunities to ask questions
  • A link to the cooking class replay sent to your inbox

Get your pressure cooker out of the box and master pressure cooking basics.

How Livestream Classes Work

  1. After you register, I will send you the recipes, along with the ingredient and equipment lists.
  2. Before the class: assemble the ingredients and equipment before the class.
  3. On the day of the class: click on the YouTube link that I send you to join the livestream.
  4. Cook along from your kitchen. Interact and ask your questions in the chat.
  5. Enjoy your delicious food.

All recipes are 100% plant-based (no dairy or eggs) and gluten-free.

Questions?  Check out the Cooking Class FAQs.