Classes are canceled for March and April

“No one is born a great cook. One learns by doing.”

–Julia Child


  • Gain practical hands-on experience with whole foods and plant-based ingredients.
  • Experience the wonderful aromas while participating in the culinary process.
  • Taste the deliciousness of plant-based foods. Tasting is believing!
  • Boost your confidence in preparing plant-based meals.


  • Learn kitchen hacks for making healthy meals easier and faster.
  • Learn ingredient substitutions for meat, dairy products, and eggs.
  • Discover how to combine basic whole foods such as vegetables, beans, grains, nuts into delicious and nourishing meals.
  • Learn how to season foods and more.


  • Connect with others on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Gain inspiration by interacting with others in the class.
  • Find support and encouragement for healthy eating and living.