Cooking Forward with Black Beans

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Cooking Class

Master quick meals

by learning food prep and batch cooking

Sunday, July 19

2:00-4:00 p.m. Pacific

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  • Struggling to know what to eat?

  • Stressed about mealtimes?

  • Tired of eating processed food?

  • Want to eat healthier meals?

  • Do quick, healthy meals seem impossible?

  • Ready for a better way to plan meals?

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3 Steps to Mastering Meal Planning, Food Prep, and Batch Cooking

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1. Sign Up for the Cooking Class

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2. Learn in Your Own Kitchen

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3. Experience the Satisfaction of Quick Meals

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This Live Stream Cooking Class Will Provide

  • Batch cooking experience with black beans and brown rice

  • Menu ideas for black beans and rice without feeling like you’re eating leftovers

  • Gluten-free plant-based recipes with multiple variations

  • Additional recipes to round out meals with nutritional balance, color, and flavor

  • Opportunities to ask questions during the class

  • A cooking class replay link sent to your inbox

During this class, you’ll gain confidence with food prep, batch cooking, and healthy plant-based meal planning.

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Questions? Check out the Cooking Class FAQs.