Instant Pot

How to Deal with Pressure Cooker Paranoia

Do you have pressure cooker paranoia? In this video, I address the two most common causes of pressure cooker paranoia: ...
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immune shield

How to Boost Your Immune System

There are many lifestyle factors that impact the body's ability to withstand immune system attacks from viruses, bacteria, and other ...
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olive oil

The Best Fats vs the Worst Fats

What's the best kind of oil to use for cooking? I get asked this question frequently. To start with, let's ...
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The stomach and organs of digestion

The Cost of Grazing

In our society, grazing and eating small, frequent meals has become standard practice. But did you know that snacking comes ...
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Cooking Smarter, Not Harder

Planned-Overs I love simple recipes. And quick ones too. Especially when my stomach is growling and I don’t have any planned-overs ...
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organized freezer

UFOs in the Freezer

I knew I had corn in the upright freezer in the utility room, but could I find it? No! Jack ...
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Sweet Kale Salad Kit

Make-Ahead Salad Solutions

True confession: I am lazy when it comes to making salads. When I'm hungry, I like to open the refrigerator and ...
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Tofu Egg Salad

The Key to the Best Tofu Texture

Tofu is one of my go-to ingredients for a quick meal. It’s precooked and provides a blank canvas for a ...
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Smoothie Ingredients

A Surprising Anti-Inflammatory Food

For Independence Day, I wanted to capitalize on red, white, and blue, so I made a smoothie with strawberries, frozen ...
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