Heather Reseck

Heather Reseck, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

What if food feels like your enemy?

There is hope!

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I help you gain clarity about how food impacts your body so you can use food as medicine. When you cooperate with the laws of nature, you will revitalize your health!

You’ve lost track of how many doctors you’ve seen. You have a thick file of lab test results, but you still don’t feel good.  You know you have digestive issues, but you are not sure how to resolve them. You’re almost afraid to eat because it seems like nearly everything you eat causes you to run to the bathroom, bloats you up, or gives you indigestion.

You can’t enjoy food if you feel like it’s your enemy–if you’re dealing with indigestion, bloating, or heartburn after you eat. You can’t enjoy life if you’re drained and dragging around all the time, or afraid to get far from a bathroom.

You just want to get to the bottom of your health issues so you can feel like yourself again and have the energy for the pursuits that matter to you. You want to resolve your digestive problems, but you’re not sure where to start. Let’s figure this out together.

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I’m Heather Reseck, a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in digestive issues, food sensitivities, and plant-based nutrition. I avidly study food as medicine and how the body works.  I am currently getting advanced training in functional and integrative nutrition. I now live in the farmhouse that I grew up in, with an organic garden right beside my house.

My own digestive and health issues have prompted me to study, to research the science, and to keep experimenting until I found answers.  I eliminated dairy products and eggs in 2000 and my chronic pelvic pain disappeared. The afternoon indigestion that plagued me daily disappeared when I learned how to improve my digestion. The fatigue of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis challenged me to find natural healing solutions. After swinging into hyperthyroidism, identifying and eliminating my food sensitivities with the Mediator Release Test (MRT) was a big key to calming my overactive immune system down. In my healing journey, I’ve also learned to embrace my gluten intolerance. As a result, you’ll notice that nearly all of my recipes are gluten-free.

Ironically, I grew up in a vegetarian home on a beef ranch near Port Townsend, Washington. An interesting combination, huh? From an early age, I loved to cook and try new foods. I was a foodie–captivated by healthy foods. I remember trips to the grocery store with my mother when I was about ten years old. I would hold up a fruit or vegetable that I had not tasted before. “Can we try this?” She would reply, ”Yes,

In high school, I attended Auburn Adventist Academy near Seattle, a boarding school about two hours from my home. Whenever I had the chance to be home for a break, I would spend most of my time cooking and relishing home-cooked meals.

I started taking nursing at Southwestern Adventist College, thinking I would become a missionary nurse like the heroines in so many of the books I read. Alas, when I practiced giving shots to oranges, I knew I wasn’t cut out to be a nurse. I discovered that I could pursue a career in food, nutrition, and preventive medicine. I became a registered dietitian in 1981 after graduating from Loma Linda University.

After marrying Greg Reseck and staring a family, I became a domestic dietitian. I looked for ways to make delicious healthy food for my family without spending all day in the kitchen. My motto became: The best fast food comes from your own kitchen. My criteria for recipes:

  • Delicious
  • Nutritious
  • Expeditious

At the urging of my mother, Fannie Houck, a professional writer, I started writing a vegetarian cookbook. My goal was to make 30 vegetarian dishes in one day and stash them in the freezer. The truth is–I never pulled that off. But in the process I discovered a variety of time-saving strategies that were more realistic for a busy mom:

  • Fix-and-Freeze
  • Fix-and-Forget (slow cooking)
  • Fix-a-Mix
  • Fix-it-Fast Under Pressure
  • Fix-it-Fast–using homemade and purchased healthy convenience foods

The Fix-it-Fast Vegetarian Cookbook was published in 2002. It was one of the first vegetarian cookbooks to feature slow cooker recipes.

My cookbook is now out of print. I plan to write another one. In the meantime, I publish recipes on my website and teach cooking classes.